Kiev came out to the parade. Putin is to blame


On may 9 the action "Immortal regiment" was attended by nearly 10 million citizens of the 50 States. The scale of last March did not leave indifferent even the official Kiev, which found his explanation of the increased interest in commemorative March.We will remind, the action "Immortal regiment" was an annual event aimed at preserving the memory of the great Patriotic war. As pointed out by Russian and foreign media this year significantly increased the number of people who came to pay tribute to fallen soldiers. In addition, the list of the countries participants of the March were supplemented by another 17 States.One of the few who continues to be a staunch opponent of the ongoing March, remains the current leadership of Ukraine headed by President Petro Poroshenko.

So, in celebration of the great Victory of the Ukrainian leader has criticized the "Immortal regiment", stating that the event is aimed "not in order to commemorate the defenders, and to Russian expansion in neighboring countries helped not only living." In other words, Poroshenko has once again decided to hint the public about the so-called "hand of the Kremlin", which, according to Kiev, the culprit is going on in the country of chaos.Paradoxically, if we compare the words of the President of Ukraine with the publication of a certain Dmitry Florin, "the failure of the victory and the victory of insanity in Moscow", placed on several Ukrainian sites, Petro Poroshenko's statement, you can assign the label "low-key news". 

Thus, in analyzing the reasons for the interest of the residents of the Russian capital to the action "Immortal regiment", the journalist came to the conclusion that most of the participants went on a procession by order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Thus the main argument that has guided the author, were the weather conditions. "Against Putin rebelled even the weather," - writes the journalist Florin.

It should be noted, a representative of the media-space of Ukraine, to put it mildly, did not mince words, calling several times a memorable March "pathetic".Causes no surprise that the published material received dozens of negative comments the Internet-users, many of whom immediately diagnosed the author of the text. "More stupid Bandera nonsense not read. Not even upset, just funny. The author is an idiot!" - wrote a visitor named Yuri.Whatever it was, the citizens of Ukraine not only with words expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of official Kiev and its controlled media.

Despite the threats and provocations by local radicals, thousands of residents of Nikolaev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and other cities took to the streets with photos of their ancestors, who won 72 years ago Nazism. This fact allows us to make one positive conclusion: in the country there are a lot of people, which the current Ukrainian leadership, "not saved" by the "hand of the Kremlin" that prevent Ukraine to go in the bright European future.

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